Muhammad started to preach? Why insist that Allah is the true God? We shall show more proof about the superiority of our Christian hope

Photo by Aaron Burden / Unsplash

By Eusebio Tanicala

What are the basic items we could submit to make a comparison between the Christian Faith on one hand and the Islam Religion on the other hand?

Answer:  Let us make a chart listing the basic elements and we leave to the readers the burden of expanding the ideas.


Established by Christ
Established by Muhammad
1. Founder – Jesus Christ1.  Founder – Muhammad
2.  Nationality – Jew or Israelite2.  Nationality – Arab or Arabian
3.  Basis of Teaching:  Bible3.  Basis:  Qurán + Torah + Ingil
4.  God:  Yahweh God4.  God:  Allah God
5.  Common Ancestor:  Abraham5.  Common Ancestor:  Abraham
6.  Seed of Abraham as heir:  Isaac6.  Seed of Abraham: Ishmael not heir
7.  Final prophet:  Jesus Christ7.  Final prophet:  Muhammad
8.  Life on earth:  1 A.D. – 33 A.D.8.  Life on earth:  570 A.D. – 632 A.D.
9.  Teachings from:  God the Father9.  Recitation induced by Angel Gabriel
10. Miracles demonstrated by Christ10. No miracles were shown by Muhammad
11. Coming of Christ prophesied in O.T.11. No OT prophecies (Deut. 18:18 claimed)
12. Christ as God existed before Abram12. Muhammad did not exist before Abram
13. Christ was God & Man13. Muhammad was Man only
14. Jesus’ humanity is seed of woman only14. Muhammad is from a father & a mother
15. Christ was worshipped while on earth15. Muhammad was not worshipped 
16. Jesus died for the sins of mankind.16. Muhammad did not die for mankind
17. Jesus died and resurrected after 3 days17. Muhammad died but didn’t resurrect
18. Jesus ascended to heaven after 40 days18. Muhammad didn’t ascend to heaven
19. Jesus now seated on a throne in heaven19. Muhammad is dust in his grave
20. Jesus now a mediator in heaven20. Muhammad is not a mediator in heaven
21. Jesus is alive in heaven with a glorious body21. Muhammad is dust in his grave
22. Jesus is God in heaven22. Muhammad is man & dust in his grave
23. Jesus Christ will come and judge mankind23. Muhammad is not appointed as judge


The above items clearly show the superiority of Christianity over Islam.  Considering all the above, we should cast our lot with Christianity.  The evidence is overwhelming.

Let me submit some more thoughts about the claims of our Lord Jesus Christ.  After the immersion of Christ at the River Jordan, God the Father’s voice was heard confirming that Jesus is the Son of the Father well pleasing to Him. The coming down of the Holy Spirit and alighting upon Jesus further strengthened the rightful claims of Jesus Christ.  Muslims agree that John the Baptist is God’s prophet. This John the Baptist confirmed that Jesus is the Messiah and that He is the messenger of God and that Christ existed before John the Baptist was born.

Yahweh, the true God worshipped by Abraham confirms that the blessed seed was Isaac and not Ishmael in Genesis 17:17-22; Gen. 21:9-13. When Isaac was born and weaned, Sarah did not like how her son Isaac was laughed at by Ishmael, so Sarah told Abraham to send away Ishmael and his mother Hagar because she did not want others to share in the inheritance from the family. The true God, Yahweh, told Abraham to follow the desire of Sarah to send away Ishmael and Hagar. This shows that the promised seed of woman in Genesis 3:15, and the promised blessing of all families of the earth will be through the seed of Abraham (Genesis 12).  That seed is through Isaac, Jacob, Judah, King David and the Virgin Mary.  That seed which blesses all the families is Jesus Christ. Not Muhammad.  This is confirmed by Apostle Paul in Galatians 3:15-16; Gal. 4:14-21.

Abraham recognized and worshipped Yahweh as their God not Allah.  Muslims accept the Torah as a Book from God, and this Torah mentions the name of the true God as Yahweh.  Why don’t Muslims accept what the Torah tells them that the true God is Yahweh?  And Yahweh was the true God of Abraham and then came Muhammad in circa 620 A.D., saying that the true God is Allah. Or did Muhammad teach that the true God of Abraham ceased to exist in the year Muhammad started to preach? Why insist that Allah is the true God?

We shall show more proof about the superiority of our Christian hope. # – ET